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SK Services' philosophy for establishing healthy, thriving turf is a three tiered system:





GROWing healthy turf is the first priority for outcompeting weeds and to provide a beautiful green lawn.

DEFENDing your turf from weeds using multiple pre-emergent products throughout the year.  

DESTROYing existing weeds during each visit to your property using environmentally friendly products.  


Add good mowing and watering practices to this three tiered plan and your lawn is on its way to greatness!    

We also offer specialized applications to take care of any other needs for your lawn.  


We've set ourselves apart from the others by developing our own custom blended fertilizers designed to feed the plant and build a better soil.  Our custom blends use a variety of slow release nitrogen and multiple sources of phosphorous and potassium combined with all the micro nutrients needed for our West Texas soils


Pre emergents are the second line of defense used to prevent weeds from growing. 

Rotating products with different modes of action is essential to discourage  plant resistance. 

Proper timing is also vital for maximum weed control as  rainfall and temperatures can change the frequency of applications from year to year. 


Ultimately, weeds can be an issue. As a last line of defense, we prefer to use  products in a family of chemistry called sulfonated ureas.  We believe these products are more effective and safer than a quicker kill herbicide.  Although slower to destroy, these products provide better results through translocation of the active ingredient to the entire root system.


Fire Ant Control,

Insecticides, Fungicides, 

Wetting Agents, Plant Growth Regulators, Over-seeding.  You name it!!  Give us a call.  We're up for any challenge.

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