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SK Services offers a wide range of consultation services for golf courses, sports fields, and even the do-it-yourself type working on their home lawn.  We have over 50 years of working and management experience in these areas. By helping with training, planning, and all things irrigation and equipment, we can help you keep costs down and productivity high.  Whether its an hour, a day, or setting up regular site visits, we would love to come out and help you solve any issues.


- Scheduling

- Programming

- Repairs

- Upgrades

- Flow & Pressure Requirements

- Maintenance

- Selection

- Repairs

- Reel Service/ Repairs

- Purchasing

- Budgeting

- Fertilizer/ Chemical Programs

- Scheduling

- Staffing

- Long Ranger Planning

- Projects

- Design

- Sprayer/ Spreader Calibration

- Equipment Operation

- Irrigation Operation

- Mowing Frequency

- Fertilizer Chemical Application

- Scheduling

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