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System checks are recommended to keep your irrigation running properly and to conserve water.  During these checks we identify any potential issues that may be affecting your system's performance.  Clogged nozzles, sprinkler height, pressure and electrical problems are all evaluated.

We all love the rain but know it doesn't always come at the right times.  So keeping your irrigation system running properly all year long is vital for maintaining healthy turf.  We can help you do that with seasonal system checks and also by repairing any other issues that may restrict your systems performance throughout the year.  


System Checks

-Broken nozzles

-Sprinkler leveling 

-Sprinkler repair / replacement

-Sprinkler relocation

-Leak repair

-Valve location

-Valve repair / replacement

-Controller repair / replacement

-Controller programming

-Electrical troubleshooting

-Pressure problems

-Pump repair / replacement

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